Why Telehealth?

Save Time

No more waiting rooms, no more long commutes and no more long wait times to see a specialist. Our specialists aim to see you within a week.

Save Money

Lower out of pocket fees for Telehealth eligible areas, and bulk billed for Aged Care patients and pensioners.

Access More Specialists

Find the specialist you need all in the one spot with our wide panel of specialists.

Helping Hand from Anywhere

Patients can have family or friends join the consultation from anywhere to facilitate and get a better understanding of their medical issues.

How it Works

Book Consultation

Book a session with us through our website by filling out a simple form and attaching a referral letter from your GP.

Confirm Consultation Time

We will contact you to confirm a suitable time for both you and the specialist.

Request for Further Information

If we require any more information from you, we will get in contact prior to your consultation.

Have Your Consultation

A unique link will be sent out prior to your consultation, simply click it follow the prompts to begin your consultation with our specialist.

Our Features

Safe and Secure
Calls are encrypted end to end to make sure your consultations are private.
Browser Based Platform
No downloads required, have the consultations simply through your browser.
Any Device
Works on any smart device or PC.
Coordinate Care
GPs, facility nurses, specialists and other carers are better coordinated by our service team.
Bulk Billed
Our services are bulk billed for Aged Care residents and Pensioners in Telehealth Eligible areas.
High Quality Panel of Specialists
We have a credential check process in place to ensure specialist panel are fully accredited.