Our Specialists

Dr. Raj Anand


Dr Anand currently works at Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Sydney and is a part of multiple interdisciplinary teams to provide a holistic and multi-modal approach to one’s predicament. He offers interventional pain treatments as part of this multi-modal approach. He is keen to work along with other treatment providers including complementary medicine to ensure best outcomes for the individual.

Dr Anand strongly believes that understanding the person is a vital part of improving healthcare experiences and delivering outcomes which matter to the individual. He is passionate about the journey individuals undertake towards well-being when faced with persistent pain and more importantly about “being-well” on that journey.
He has a very strong clinical and varied research interest in non-inflammatory based musculoskeletal pain – chronic low back pain, osteoarthritis, hypermobility syndromes, chronic widespread pain, fibromyalgia, central sensitivity syndromes, pain in the elderly and those with dementia and digital health.
He worked as a pain specialist with Dementia Centre and Greenwich pain clinic, and supported the nationwide DBMAS and SBRT programs for people with pain, behavioural issues and dementia. He has been closely involved for pain identification in people with dementia and variable communication. He was involved with multiple research projects in people living with pain and dementia.
He would like to extend his expertise via telehealth to people living in aged care facilities and experiencing pain or rheumatological issues.